AOL desktop gold is a premium, version of the web browser and software that provides a lot of speed and enhances the security of the users. Using this browser you can keep a track on your emails, birthdays and other keynotes that you would not want to miss on. With this version you can also help yourself with all the premium tools such as getting regular updates, using the cool tools that they provide and much more.

But sometimes being as an Apple user you can face issues that will frustrate you.

So, if you are unable to access AOL email on iPad, then don’t get stressed up because things are going to be fine again. All you need to do is follow these steps and eliminated the problem completely.

  • You should first check that the internet connection you are using is stable or not. If that shows stability then proceed further else just change your internet connection to a better one.
  • In the next step with complete caution punch in the credential because this could also be one of the reasons as to why you aren’t able to login to your account.
  • After this, if you are still not through try using the “forgot password” trick. Because it happens that people punch in the wrong password or could misspell it.

If your problem is still not eliminated then do one thing just ping on the AOL Technical Support Number and a technical assistant will be there to help you. Because if you are unable to access the AOL email on your IPad it tends to stress you up and make you worried. Because at last it would be taking up your important time as well as causing you a great loss.

So don’t keep waiting to get the best help from the technical experts. You can get their numbers from the official website of the company.


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